E3 Land Development Company
Construction Management   Construction Consulting    Design/Build
E3 General Contractors, L.L.C.
Founders & Principles

Ernie Jackson (CEO) Principle, Senior Analyst
TxDot Construction Operations Specialist
20 Years Construction Inspection (Private & Public)
18 Years Construction Management
25 Years Concrete Construction Management
26 Years Landscape Design & Construction
12 Years TxDot Designer, Project inspections and Management
17 Years Texas Certified Nurseryman & State Commercial Pesticide Applicator
TxDot Contractor Business Development
Chief Estimator
Project Superintendent

Willie Major (Vice Principle)
20 Years Business Coordinator & Logistics
Project Estimator
Traffic Control Devices

Adrian Murphy, P.E. (Associate Professional)
20 Years Civil Engineer
Roadway Structures
Traffic Control & Signaling Specialist

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