E3 Land Development & Construction
E3 Land Development Company is a heavy highway contractor and construction management firm

E3 Land Development Company has the capacity to design, build and manage all heavy highway and municipal infrastruture projects form conception to completion.  We have the expertise in a range of heavy highway projects and municipal infratructure disciplines.  We also offer business development services for the perspective heavy highway and municipal infrastucture contractor.  E3 Land Development Company is a qualified civil construction project management and general contractor resource.  We have aligned our standards to meet the demands of the evergrowing responsibilities that the Texas state highway authority expect of the heavy highway contractor.  Our goal is to meet those expectations with the professionlism and due diligence that is required.   Our Company is staffed with highly qualified professionals who demostrate their skills in various disciplines from construction managers to engineers to accountants.

Our core operations are:

       Heavy Highway Construction Services 
       Heavy Highway Construction Consulting & Management

We are a company geared to build roadway structures, and manage any type of heavy highway or municipal infrastructure project.  We are staffed by professionals who understand the rules and regulations set forth by the largest state heavy highway construction institution in the United States of America.  This means that we have team members who have designed, managed, or inspected construction on many of the highways and roads you use daily.   We have professional engineers who are traffic control specialist, roadway design specialist and indiviuals who are masters of  heavy highway and other civil construction operations.  We are quality control, quality assurance specialist who know how to get the most out of our member contractors.  We are very much safety concious in everything that we do.  

If you are a contractor who is contemplating getting involved with heavy highway construction or municipal infrastructure projects, we can make the transition considerably hassel free because we know what it takes and you will save money by not making the mistakes that many new contractors in the industry make.

We offer services such as:

       TxDot Contractor Business Development
       Bidding Services
       Cost Estimating Services
       Constructibility Reviews on potential bidding opportunuties. 

We are capable of giving you all the pros and cons for a given project.  You can then make a more educated descision whether you will engage into the bidding process or not.  We are here to help you expand your business opportunities and for you to become a successful contractor who is sought by everyone.  


TxDot Constractors
Civil Contractors
Landscape Architects



Design Support
Cost Estimating
Value Engineering
Project Constructability Reviews
Project Scheduling
Contract Bidding
Subcontractor Procurement



Project Management
 Construction Inspection
TxDot Specs Interpretations

Field Supervision
Quality Control
Quality Assurance
Safety Coordination


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